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Spotlight on J.C. Leyendecker

J.C. (Joseph Christian) Leyendecker was one of the most prolific illustrators of the early to mid 20th century. His easily identifiable style has graced more than 400 magazine covers, and many dozens of magazine advertisements (most notably the iconic Arrow Collar ads). He is most closely associated with the Saturday Evening Post, where he was commissioned to paint 322 covers! The men he paints are strong and athletic. The women, graceful and feminine. To this day, his work is beloved and much sought after. The following are some of our favorite examples of his work.





sat_post_easter_cover_leyendecker website update

Have spent the last couple of weeks adding old articles and antique prints to the site. We know you love the vintage ads. We’ll be adding lots more of those in a few weeks. Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out our other categories for newly listed inventory. website update

We have just added some really cool late 19th century magazine articles with subjects such as Coney Island (from 1897), Bicycle Racing (1897), the Salmagundi Club (1897), Hypnotism by Santanelli (1896), the Work of the Art Students League of NY (1897), and many others. website update ~ More Vintage Ads Just Listed

We just added over 100 more vintage ads on Some great vintage car ads from the 1960’s and various other categories. Recently listed ads always appear first.

Atticpaper Update ~ More Vintage Movie Ads

We have just added over 150 vintage movie advertisements to our website (and still have a few more to add). From the 1910’s through the 1990’s. Recently added listings will always appear at the top.