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National Hat Day

In addition to celebrating the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., today is also National Hat Day! This antique print shows what the fashionable ladies were wearing on their heads over 200 years ago.

Antique Lithographs ~ Views of New Jersey

Hey New Jerseyites! We’ve just added a bunch of 19th century antique lithographs of Asbury Park, Manasquan, Ocean Beach, and other parts of New Jersey. Views includes several old resort hotels. website update

We just added some antique prints of Marine & Sea Life from Brehms Tierleben and a great selection of Louis Prang chromolithographs of animals, insects, birds, mammals, sea life, etc. from the Animate Creation series.

We also recently added some antique prints of Civil War battles and officers.

Passover Antique Steel Engraving Print

For the upcoming holiday of Passover, we are showcasing this beautiful 1864 steel engraving, “The Lesson of Passover,” from the picture by Edward Henry Corbould.

The Lesson of Passover

Here, the artist’s rendering of the subject is rather symbolical than according to the strict letter of the commandment respecting the Paschal festival. The family of a Jewish patriarch, both children and grandchildren, have gathered round the doorway of his dwelling, while he explains to them the meaning of this, the most solemn of all the Jewish feasts. The young female who stands with an elder sister, probably, near the doorway is a striking figure in the composition. Both of these females seem less attentive to the explanatory teachings of the aged Israelite than absorbed by the lamb, which they have possibly helped to rear only to be slain as the Paschal offering.

We would like to wish a happy Passover to all our friends who are celebrating this holiday week.

Tiny Children with Large Insects ~ Trade Card?

Is it a trade card? Is it a postcard? Or is it just a small antique lithograph? What do you think? I’m not sure how to classify these, but whatever they are, they’re charming! Each one is printed on card stock, measuring approximately 5″ x 3″. The backs are blank. Each shows a pair of tiny shrunken children perched on a branch, interacting with a different insect. We see them (possibly chatting) with a beetle, trying to catch a bee with a net, sitting atop two butterflies, and standing on a grasshopper.

tiny children with large insects trade card

These wonderful small children with large insects cards are available in our store.