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We just added some vintage greeting cards and postcards. Mostly Christmas, New Years and Easter, but a few others as well. website update

We have just added some nice vintage catalogs: 1931 Vintage School Supplies Catalog; 1925 Bonwit Teller Gift Catalog; 1901 Montgomery Ward Mini Catalog; Antique Wheelbarrows & Scrapers Catalog; a fabulous Antique 1900 Butcher Supplies Catalog; and others.

We have also added some great old Victorian Trade cards.

Vintage Easter Photo Postcards

Here are two beautiful postcards for Easter. I believe both are French.

In the first hand tinted photo we see an adorable young boy dressed in his Easter best. In one hand he holds a bouquet of flowers. In the other he holds a ribbon that is attached to a lamb. On the ground is a basket of Easter eggs.

The second card shows two young children playing behind a brick wall of some sort. The older child stands over the smaller one who sits on the grass touching a large rooster. Eggs of varying size are scattered on the ground.
Children at Eastertime Vintage Photo Postcards

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter!

Tiny Children with Large Insects ~ Trade Card?

Is it a trade card? Is it a postcard? Or is it just a small antique lithograph? What do you think? I’m not sure how to classify these, but whatever they are, they’re charming! Each one is printed on card stock, measuring approximately 5″ x 3″. The backs are blank. Each shows a pair of tiny shrunken children perched on a branch, interacting with a different insect. We see them (possibly chatting) with a beetle, trying to catch a bee with a net, sitting atop two butterflies, and standing on a grasshopper.

tiny children with large insects trade card

These wonderful small children with large insects cards are available in our store.