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National Hat Day

In addition to celebrating the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., today is also National Hat Day! This antique print shows what the fashionable ladies were wearing on their heads over 200 years ago.

This Just In: Antique Victorian Valentines

Valentines Day is right around the corner . . . we just acquired a bunch of antique Valentines including Pop-Up, Mechanical, and Honeycomb. Okay, so maybe our favorite holiday is not right around the corner, but it doesn’t have to be Valentines Day for you to fall in love with these wonderful creations!

Website Update: Vintage Magazine Covers

We just added another batch of vintage magazine covers to our website. Some of our favorites—from antique issues of Country Life Magazine—feature animals. We’d like to share a few with you.



At top left is 1917 Country Life Magazine Cover with gorgeous peacock art by Charles Livingston Bull. Top right is 1928 Country Life Magazine Cover with Macaw art by ornithologist Karl Plath. Bottom image is 1910 Country Life Magazine Cover with Irish Wolfhound & Scottish Terrier.

For those of you searching for even more visual stimulation, there’s a great website devoted to magazine art. Check them out at

1896 The History of the Corset ~ Illustrated Article

We’ve just started listing some illustrated articles from the 1896 Jubilee Number of “The Dry Goods Economist,” a trade journal that began publishing in the 1850’s. With historical information on the textile industry in America and beyond.

One of our favorites is The History of the Corset, an antique 8 page illustrated article that includes two full page vintage/antique corset ads. website update

We just added some vintage greeting cards and postcards. Mostly Christmas, New Years and Easter, but a few others as well.

Antique Lithographs ~ Views of New Jersey

Hey New Jerseyites! We’ve just added a bunch of 19th century antique lithographs of Asbury Park, Manasquan, Ocean Beach, and other parts of New Jersey. Views includes several old resort hotels. website update

Have spent the last couple of weeks adding old articles and antique prints to the site. We know you love the vintage ads. We’ll be adding lots more of those in a few weeks. Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out our other categories for newly listed inventory. website update

We just added some antique prints of Marine & Sea Life from Brehms Tierleben and a great selection of Louis Prang chromolithographs of animals, insects, birds, mammals, sea life, etc. from the Animate Creation series.

We also recently added some antique prints of Civil War battles and officers. website update

We have just added some really cool late 19th century magazine articles with subjects such as Coney Island (from 1897), Bicycle Racing (1897), the Salmagundi Club (1897), Hypnotism by Santanelli (1896), the Work of the Art Students League of NY (1897), and many others. website update

We have just added some nice vintage catalogs: 1931 Vintage School Supplies Catalog; 1925 Bonwit Teller Gift Catalog; 1901 Montgomery Ward Mini Catalog; Antique Wheelbarrows & Scrapers Catalog; a fabulous Antique 1900 Butcher Supplies Catalog; and others.

We have also added some great old Victorian Trade cards.