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How often do you update your site?

We try to add inventory at least two or three times a week. The most recently added items will appear at the top, so returning visitors don't have to search through everything to find what is new. Same thing with search. When performing a search, the most recently added items will be at the top of the list.


What is a Vintage Magazine Ad?

A vintage magazine ad is exactly that! An advertisement that has been carefully removed from a vintage or antique magazine.


Why do people collect them?

For many reasons! Many of these old ads were stunningly illustrated, and people enjoy looking for their favorite artists. Some ads are obtained by museums for historical purposes. Some people collect certain subjects. And some people collect them just for fun, as they bring back fond memories.

Oftentimes, ads ran for only a short period of time, and some are highly sought after.

Vintage ads make can be matted and framed, and make thoughtful gifts.


What is an Antique Print (or Engraving)?

An antique print is a print (illustration, photograph, etc.) that has been carefully removed from an antique publication (usually a book or magazine).

An engraving refers to the printmaking process:

- a wood engraving is a detailed form of woodcut used in many 19th century illustrations.
- a steel engraving was engraved on a steel plate, the harder metal allowing finer lines and longer print runs.
- a chromolithograph is a lithograph printed in color. They are wonderful in terms of their decorative appeal and quality.

The detail and beauty in some of these older prints is stunning. They can be matted and framed, and given as gifts (or kept for yourself!).


I was thinking about purchasing one of your items, but now it's gone. Do you have another?

Most likely not. If you like it—grab it, or someone else might grab it first. When it's gone, it's gone!


How do you grade your magazine ads and prints?

Here is a general guide to condition:

MINT: Since these paper items all have some age, we VERY RARELY (if ever) describe any of them as mint.

EXCELLENT: Extremely nice piece, in almost original condition. Some signs of handling, but relatively flat and clean with no significant flaws. Inks are bright with minimal fading.

VERY GOOD: Above average with minor wear. May have some noticeable signs of aging, but free of major defects. No significant creasing.

GOOD: Shows some wear, but still suitable for framing and display. May have some light scratches, scuffs, and noticeable dirt from age and use. Some past exposure to moisture may be apparent (usually some mild staining along the edges).

FAIR: Shows fairly heavy wear. Possibly some heavier tears, creasing, wrinkles, etc. We will usually only sell ads in this condition if they are particularly rare or desirable.


Do you charge Sales Tax?

Residents of New York State will be charged 8% Sales Tax.



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