Creepy Vintage Ad of the Month

Here’s our first creepy ad of the month. This one is a contest ad.
Clara Kimball Young Vintage Creepy Contest Ad
Clara Kimball Young was one of the first real stars of the Silent Screen era. In 1919, she starred in the popular film “Eyes of Youth.”

This ad is undated, but I’m guessing it appeared as a result of that movie. It’s a photo of a young Ms. Young (no pun intended) with her eyes missing. Pretty creepy, huh? The text reads: “Clara Kimball Young’s eyes are the most distinctive of any screen artist’s, and it should not be difficult to draw them.” It goes on to say that the facial expression doesn’t matter. The winner will be the one who comes closest to the likeness of Miss Young’s eyes.

Are they kiddin’ me? Even someone with an art background (which I happen to have) would have a hard time with this.

Strange contest. But most of all . . . just plain creepy.


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